8 Best Graphic Design Softwares in 2020

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Let’s see The 8 Best Graphic Design Softwares in 2020 as listed below. Nowaday Business are all over the internet so we need a user-friendly platform like a full-fledged website where graphic designs come in a picture.

Graphic design is used in almost all business places.

It is not difficult If you are good at graphic design tools Also The Work location is not the issue here because you can deliver your work even from your home.


Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor. It is one of the best programs for design.

This enables the user to create userfriendly, attractive websites, and creating logos for the website.

The key features are the built-in templates, different tools which makes designing easy. This is one of 8 Best Graphic Design Softwares in 2020.

Adobe Photoshop - graphic designing softwareImage credit: Pixabay


1. All in one pack, you can find all the required features
2. Useful Tools helps a lot
3. Smooth brush, a huge variety of pencils, pen.
4. Built-in Templates
5. 3D Design ability
6.Animation and video editing possible


less support for vector graphics.

Visit adobe photoshop here


CorelDraw is a good choice for professionals but a little difficult for beginners.

Smooth conversion from desktop to the tablet so it improves touch capability.

It improves the size and quality of your image.

Coreldraw has enhanced power trace feature to easy conversion from low-resolution bitmaps to vector images.

Coreldraw’s new variable fonts to fine-tune the look of the text by property change like width, slant, weight.

Corel-Draw Graphic Suit - Graphic designing softwareImage credit: Flikr


1.  Easy Customization in UI is possible
2. Ability to work with multiple pages
3. Third-party PDF importing capability
4. Ability to export files in different 48 file types
5. All professional vector illustration, layout photo editing tools are available.


1. It is difficult for beginners to use.
2. Too many payments options

Visit Corel-draw graphics suite here


Adobe In-Design is excellent software for designing amazing magazines.

If you are in the publishing business then you should have this software in the workplace.

The software is easy to use for beginners because it requires less learning curve. As we look at the learning difficulty Best Graphic Design Softwares in 2020.

Adobe In-Design is specially used to make designs for Newspapers, books, e-books, magazines.

Adobe In-Design - Graphic designing softwareImage credit: Flickr


1. Easy to use
2. Adobe In-copy feature – This allows you to work with your team members by sharing work
3. Ability to resize multiple objects at the same time
4. It makes it easy to combine graphics with texts
5. Adobe Sensei uses AI and machine learning to meet your customer expectations
6. Achieve amazing photo-realistic effects for your designs


Not for general use, It is useful only at the enterprise level

Visit adobe InDesign here


The sketch is affordable software so beginners can start with it.

The sketch is mainly used for UI and UX designing for web and mobile apps.

These files can be open in adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other programs too. Custom plugins are available so you can accomplish any task easily.

The files in the sketch, get saved automatically after design. No need to remember and save manually. The designs can be saved in PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, TIFF, WebP formats. With all these features This is one of the Best Graphic Design Software in 2020

sketch - graphic design software - graphic designing softwareImage credit: sketch


1. The low learning curve is required
2. The Autosaving files capability
3. Easily sharing  possible
4. Users can export any group as PNG file


1. Available only for Mac users
2. Because it is a new tool, it requires more enhancement.

Visit sketch from here


Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard vector graphics apps which are mainly used to design corporate logos, Icons, and drawings, and typography.

This offers you great scalability and It is workable on any computers.

It creates which can be managed easily. a little basic knowledge is required. It is very affordable as its price starting at $1.99/Month.

The Adobe Illustrator is highly compatible with many devices like mac and windows. With the price plans, This Seems Best Graphic Design Softwares in 2020 for Beginners.

Adobe Illustrator - Graphic designing softwareImage credit: Flikr


1. Highly customizing
2. Great User Interface
3. Affordable Price
4. High learning curve
5. Highly United with other adobe products.
6. millions of images are available from adobe stock


It is heavy is size

Visit adobe illustrator here

6.  GIMP

Gimp is a GNU Image Manipulation Program.

This offers much more than just a photo editor and those are all free. It has a huge number of plugins so you can add the best features to your design.

This is compatible with platforms like Windows,macOS, Linux, Solaris.
This provides great guidelines for users to get most of its features.

Gimp is often used as a free software alternative to Adobe Photoshop. This can be used for opening and changing many types of file formats.

GIMP - Graphic Designing SoftwareImage credit: Pixabay


1. Gimp offers helpful guidelines for users.
2. The availability of many tools so helps in graphic design.
3. The user-friendly UI
4. Built-in Templates


1. The GIMP is not ideal for mac users.

Visit adobe photoshop here


Inkscape is free graphic design software. It is user-friendly graphic design software.

Inkscape is the best choice for beginners because you don’t have to invest money during learning.

This was basically made for the Linux system but now It is cross-platform and runs on the Windows, Mac-OS, Unix.

Over time many new features have added to the Inkscape.

Inkscape - Graphic Designing softwareImage credit: Flikr


1. User-friendly Graphic design software 
2. It is a completely free software
3. Because It Is Open-source, you actually can change the code as per your requirement. 
4. This allows you to create plugins.


1. Processor speed is slower than other graphic software.

Visit  Inkscape from here

8. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer Offers non-destructive features, for all unlimited layers.

It can be called as the alternative for Adobe Illustrator and is compatible with all common file formats like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Portable Document Format(PDF).

Affinity Designer helps to improve your creativity at a new level. This also allows you to import data from Adobe files.

It provides you function like Vector and shape drawing tools, Dynamic symbols, Text management, pixel export options, and many more. It includes 8 Best Graphic Design Softwares in 2020.

Affinity Designer - Graphic Designing softwareImage credit: Flikr


1. Many tools are available like vector and shape drawing tools, Dynamic symbols, Text management, pixel export options
2. This can be used as an alternative to the Adobe illustrator
3. This offers a wide variety of colors
4. Great Advantage of the zoom feature


1. The Absence of a vector eraser.
2. The file can not be exported in AI

Visit Affinity Design here

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