Best Web Designing Softwares in 2020

Web designing: Creating a Web Page design

Web Design ??  This means the appearance of the websites. Today Web designing profession is in Demand. In Web Designing, you create Attractive Web pages for the websites.Let’s see the Best Web Designing Softwares in 2020

Web Designing Softwares allows you to create much fashionable and creative designs in less time.

Earlier you used to write a hundred lines of code for basic web design template.

But, now anyone can create beautiful designs with web design software.

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1. WordPress – Free & Paid

WordPress is the Best suited for Beginners. The website setup is really easy using WordPress.The Complete Website setup is possible in a minute.

The WordPress admin backend is very user-friendly. It is easy to manage and work.

There are a number of built-in templates that help you to create your own website. You just need to install the best-suited template for you and activate it.

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Once activated the template will be applied on your website.

Not only free built-in templates but it also has a number of free plugins for text editing, image edit, security plugins, migration plugins, and many more. It is one of the Best Web Designing Softwares in 2020


1. Very easy to install and use
2. Many free templates available
3. Many free plugins
4. For beginners free domain is available
5. No coding required
6. Easy to move site online


1. Needs frequent update
2. Look out for spam
Visit WordPress from here.

2. Wix – Free and Paid

Wix is a powerful website creator. It allows users to create HTML5 websites just by drag and drop tools.

Users can do online-marketing, add social plugins, community forums on their website by Wix third-party applications.

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This provides free, affordable paid plans and ad-sponsored plans.

Wix provides you full support throughout creating your website. This can be called a good cheap alternative to WordPress.


1. Affordable paid plans starting with $13/Month
2. Ad-sponsored Hundreds of templates
3. Drag and drop editors


1. There are no unlimited plans
2. SEO Difficulty

Visit Wix from here.

3. Dreamweaver – Paid with the free trial

Dreamweaver is an Adobe application for developing websites. It is an IDE(Integrated development Application).

Dreamweaver supports Syntax highlighting, real-time syntax checking.

Dreamweaver has an HTML editor, where you can edit files locally. and then upload it on servers.

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 Dreamweaver has one amazing feature naming visual interface.

The change you make on your website automatically reflects in the Dreamweaver interface.


1. Easy to use
2. The visual interface is a key feature
3. Dreamweaver offers 7day free trial


1. Not a browser-based application
2. Time-consuming to learn interface

Visit Dreamweaver from here.

4. Bootstrap – Free

World’s most popular web designing framework. Bootstrap is used to create responsive web and mobile sites.

It is a free library of CSS, HTML, is easy to install and use.

Bootstrap offer features like a grid system, flex, responsiveness, and classes.

It provides a complete step to step documentation for every component. Bootstrap has replaced traditional styles with bootstrap classes.

Bootstrap classes make website designs very easy.

The component library has header, footer, variety of buttons, alerts, modals and more

To get started, all we need is to download the latest bootstrap library and start coding.

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1. Easy to get started
2. Customizable
3. Very Lightweight
4. Useful Documentation

Visit Bootstrap from here.

5. Weebly- Free Trial

Weebly is trusted by millions of users on the internet.

with drag and drop editors,eCommerce platforms you can build a professional website without any technical skills. 

Weebly has the Most powerful online business features.

This provides advanced eCommerce tools, so you can sell your products online.

This offers mobile apps to track your website performance, interact with users, getting orders from them, and increasing your business.

Responsive professional themes enabled you to create a website with amazing looks on any device.

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1. Advanced eCommerce tools
2. Responsive Professional themes
3. Website performance track
4. Drag and drop website creation
5. Provides Free hosting infrastructure


1. No forum option
2. More theme modifications required
3. No Software Installations

Visit Weebly from here.

6. Gimp- Free 

Gimp is a popular open-source photo editor, supports almost all platforms Windows, Linux,mac-Os.

It is used for image retouching and editing. It is an affordable choice for web designers.

Gimp provides smart tools includes Clone tool, Blur and sharpen tool, the Smudge tool and many more


1. An affordable choice for web designing
2. different tools help in the design 
3. Support for almost all platforms like windows,mac-os, Linux.

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Visit Gimp from here.


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