FaceBook With TikTok like Short Video Feed

FaceBook With TikTok like Short Video Feed. The Facebook company is about to give us a new feature on Facebook.
Now you will be able to upload the short story videos like TikTok on your Facebook’s main application.

Short-form videos are so popular and it is giving you a new way to provide this experience for people to connect, create, and share on Facebook.

As shown in the above screenshot, The social media consultant Matt Navarra who tweeted: “INTERESTING! Facebook is also testing a ‘short videos’ feed with TikTok-like swipe up in its main app.

and because of this, it has confirmed it was testing the new short-video format in the app in India its biggest market, the media has reported.

According to a report in the Tech Crunch, Facebook said it always tests new creative tools so it can learn about how people want to express themselves.

Now Facebook had unfolded the short videos on their own application. and this is how FaceBook With TikTok like Short Video Feed.

Facebook-owned Lasso was available in the US, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

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