Instagram or In general Social media can be the blessing or the curse. You will not believe but there are more than 1 billion users on social media. Instagram is also one of the social media platforms.

The photo-sharing platform helps a lot to share your precious moments with your friends.but the collection of all moments in the form of pictures can feel tiring.

and the destructive attack of “picture-perfect” moments from everyone else’s lives can increase anxiety.

So Let’s come to the point, can find How to delete the Instagram account.

Before, We start to keep in mind that once you delete your account, you can undo it.

All your photos, followers, and likes and comments will be permanently removed. and you can not use the same username again if you change your plan.

Image Credit: Pixabay

How to delete an Instagram account: Just follow the below steps.

1.  Log in to your account on from a computer or mobile browser. Because you can’t delete your account from the Instagram app.

2. Go to the Delete your account Page.

3. Once on that page, choose an answer from the drop-down menu next to “Why are you deleting your account?”

Re-enter your password.

5. Click “Permanently delete my account.”

Hurrey…your Instagram account is deleted. But If are not sure to delete it permanently, You can just deactivate your account.

Instagram has a temporary deactivation option. and This simply means that Instagram allows you to disable the account. That is your photos, likes, comments, and followers will be hidden from other users.and will reappear once you reactivate your account.

How to deactivate an Instagram account

1.  Log in to your account on from a computer or mobile browser. Unfortunately, you can’t disable your account from the Instagram app.

2. Tap to the Profile picture, and go to the edit profile page.

3. Scroll down, then tap or click “Temporarily disable my account” in the bottom right.

Select an option from the drop-down menu next toWhy are you disabling your account?” and re-enter your password.

The option to disable your account will only appear after you’ve selected a reason from the menu and entered your password.

5. click on “Temporarily Disable Account“.

It may take a few hours for this to take effect. and remember if you try, you will be able for the login to your account.