How To Setup Alexa : The Beginners guide

What is Alexa Means ????

Amazon Alexa is also named as Alexa. Alexa is a great example of Artificial Intelligence(AI) Technology Developed by Amazon. so Let’s in detail see How To Setup Alexa: The Beginners guide in detail.

In Simple Terms, Alexa is the Device that listens to your commands and Performs Actions on it. This can find something for you, can book a ride for you, can hotel for you.not only that but she can also read books for you and many more.

You can yell at your Amazon Echo all you want, but if it isn’t connected to the internet, then it won’t be able to help you with much of anything.

Below, I will show how to do it using the Alexa app, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

How to Setup Alexa On Smart Phone

It’s really easy to set up a smartphone with Alexa, just follow the below steps.

1. First Download and Install Alexa App on your Smart Phone
2. Open Alexa App
3. Small blue circle button at the bottom center that is the Alexa button.
4. Click on the Alexa button.
5. First time This will Ask for some Permissions.
6. Click on Allow for All permissions.
7. Click done to start using it
8. Start by saying something when a blue bar appears.
9. You all set, Now on just click the Alexa button to start using Alexa.


Best 20 Alexa Uses :

1. Alexa Can Control your Home lights, Switches 
2. Play Games
3. Making calls
4. Play music on demand
5. Set Alarms and Timers
6. Play radio
7. Work together with home Devices on a single command
8. Gives you the latest News
9. Ask Web question/answers
10. Voice Recognition
11. Entertainment
12. Cleaning 
13. Check Credit Card Status
14. Order Food
15. Vacation Plan
16 Scheduling Meeting
17. Learning new Skills
18. Ask for help
19. Go for Adventures
20. Make Decisions for you.



I hope you understand How To Setup Alexa and How easy it has made our life.

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