Internet Of Things

What is the Internet in Simple Definition?

Simple Definition of the Internet is, the large communication network of computers spread worldwide. also will see about Who Invented The internet. We can connect with any part of the world over the network using the internet. It is One network of many different networks. In day to day life, we called it ‘net’.we can not use our Fb or WhatsApp or any social media app without the thing internet.

Who Invented the Internet?

One of the important parts of our life, without which we can not learn or know things easily just by asking google is the Internet.
Internet is Truly Invented by Vincent Cerf [sic] and Robert Kahn.

How the Internet Works With Simple Explanation

Today we all use the internet for Different purposes. There must be a question in your mind that how all it works, Isn’t it?? So Let’s find out.

Its a really simple concept. The Internet is all about passing information from one place to another. Just like we send messages and received it too. This information passing is happening in the form of packets, which is called packet switching.

These packets are split into multiple pieces and once reached its destination they resembled again. The medium by which these packets are traveled is called as the routes. These routes are decided base on its efficiency.

The store for all this information is called the server. There and number of servers on the internet.internet is made up of routers too. There are different types of servers like a mail server, file server.

Best 10 Uses of Internet

1. Email – Electronic mail
2. Gaming
3. Files Transfer
4. Education
5. Marketing
6. Friendship / Dating
7. Communication
8. E-Papers
9. Shopping
10. Entertainment

we all are going through a tough time due to Corona. There is no end in sight to COVID-19 at least for a few months.

currently all the government or private schools/colleges taking online classes. This is the best we can get out of internet usage.

We are working from home for the last few months. all this is possible because of the internet!